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The Waterskier Article

As most of you know by now, I’ve been the club president of Metroplex Ski Club in Ft. Worth, TX for the last two seasons. Back in February of 2012, I had an ide to give new life to the Ski League nights we used to have when I 1st joined the club. Later as the season wrapped up, in early August, I contacted The Waterskier and Waterski Magazine to see who would be interested in an article I was working on. I expected to receive no interest to be honest and my article would remain in-house for the club only. I received emails back from Todd Ristorelli and Scott Atkinson expressing interest. The Waterskier prevailed and we went to work on perfecting the article, selecting images and getting the story line and points across.

The rest is history – I got my article published this month!!!

This made my entire year as club President worth it all by itself.

I uploaded a PDF copy to the website if any of you guys wanna see and read it.

Click Here to download.

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