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Mastercraft 209 trailer spring shackle failure

I experienced a somewhat interesting experience on the way home from the custom bimini guy. Going about 45 mph down the road, I had a frame failure at the weld point for the driver side leaf spring shackle. The frame just settled down on the spring, folding the shackle forward and taking the weight on the end of the leaf spring. This resulted in the fender settling down on the shoulder of the tire and causing a lot of smoke down the road. Luckily I was able to pull over into a parking lot without causing any trouble for me or traffic. I spent about an hour dismantling the fender and then was able to limp home with the frame just resting on the leaf spring. Here are some pictures. Taken with my floor jack jacking frame off spring for picture taking.

Questions I have for anyone willing to share: Anyone ever have this happen to them? Advice for moving forward? I'm thinking two pieces of steel welded together to wrap around the frame at the failure point and weld the the bracket for the shackle to the lower piece. The boat and trailer are both 2001. I'm the second owner, any chance Mastercraft would stand behind this kind of failure (I'm not expecting it, but would be impressed if possible.


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