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Day 2:

I got a chance this evening to work on the motor some more. I removed all of the lifters, which all seem to be in great shape. I pulled the crankshaft dampener, or whatever its called, then pulled the timing chain cover. Everything looks pretty good. Should I replace the timing chain and sprockets?

Here's an attempt to show how loose the chain is. Im pushing it to the right in this image.

I then drained the oil pan and saw water in it, which is expected, considering it was also in the cylinders. I then flipped the entire block over, and proceeded to remove the oil pan.

The interior looks pretty dang good. There isnt any obvious issues, and Im assuming there really arent going to be any not so obvious issues either. Im planning on taking the interior components apart on friday, and prepare the block for the machine shop. Ill do all bearings and such, I wonder if I can get away fine with just a honing of the cylinders, or if they must be bored? Ill replace the oil pump also, foolish not to since I have access to it now.

I then proceeded to use the pressure washer a little bit to clean the oil pan. As I did so, the paint began to flake off, and a layer of surface rust under the paint began to show. I dont have the pics of that, however, I do know that Ill end up sandblasting the entire pan and repainting it now.

I wasnt ready to call it quits yet, so I went ahead and started dismantling the engine mounts. The rubber bushings seems to be in great condition, so I think I'll simply reuse them. The metal will get sand blasted and repainted. Then the mounts will be reassembled.

Heres a pic I took to remind myself of how they are assembled.

How do you remove the remaining parts. I removed the nuts off the two bolts, but the bolts dont slide out in either direction. Im a little confused on what to do here. I wanna disassemble it completely to make sure there isnt corrosion where I dont want it.

And thats where Im at now. Here's an image of the fenders I dont have a use for just for kicks. On Friday I plan on completing the dismantling of the motor, and prepping it to go to the machine shop, I may consider working on cleaning up the motor mounts too, we'll see how ambitious i get.

The black spots are where the previous owner had to torch the bolts in order to remove them from the old trailer, which was a POS. It rubs off quite easily. Im not gonna use them, so Im not overly concerned.
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