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Originally Posted by mcparadise View Post
[email protected]

Stephen Henderson
Henderson Floor/DECKadence Marine Flooring

Cell 778-855-7843. Office 778-800-9928. Toll free 1 866-224-7794 Ext 1

Steve was very helpful. He is in Vancouver. Canada. Mine (about $800 US w/shipping) just arrived and in the dining room now. Lays out FAST. It is thicker than carpet and has a nice subtle spongy feel. I picked beige color. You can pay more and get nice features (mc logo, trim ...all molded in). One piece product and you simply lay it into your boat, hoping your pattern was spot on ;-) I'm still a week away using it. Pulling exhaust manifolds today to re-torque head bolts after replacing a bad valve. She sounds soooo nice now without that skip.
I'll give Stephen a call. I would love the MC logo done large and on a slant in the main area. Thanks for the info!
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