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Originally Posted by bsloop View Post
Since the actual discussion is complete, we can let this fall into a typical preference debate......

I guess I could see this coming from Texas. IMO, the King Ranch has an over the top interior dripping of dead cow. Too heavy of a leather smell, almost has to be fake and rough grained.
Might be attractive to the crowd that thinks cow sh!t and oil smell like money but it was a turn off for me. It also rode the roughest with not good sight lines.

Im not some crazy vegan and many others can do leather more tastefully.
Have you heard of a lariat? That was a typical ignorant "everyone from Texas is a redneck cowboy" stereotype. did I say anything about king ranch?? I have a lot of time in both trucks, not just a test drive. The f250 rode better than my f150 did.
PS, thanks for the condescending a**wipe response


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