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If going out in salt water would increase your enjoyment of the boat, then I'd do it. You can use your MC OCD to keep things ship shape. In fact, it's "justifiable OCD" because you must do more routine maintenance to keep the teak oiled, engine clean, painted bits of the engine properly painted, unpainted bits sprayed with oil or silicon, and salt off the boat.

Our last boat (not an MC) lived on its trailer for the first 15 years of its life, and then at our freshwater cottage for the last 6. In the first 15 years, we'd go boating in the Pacific - probably 150 hours a year in trips that lasted from 3 hours to three days. I kept a hose, bucket, sponge and & rabbit ears in the tow behicle so I could rinse the boat and flush the i/o engine every time we pulled the boat out. It was about a 20 minute task. I suppose you'd have to flush the ballast tanks too in an MC. There was always a freshwater hose bib at every salt water boat launch we used to allow cleaning.

We did have indirect cooling. The boat was in great shape when we sold it at 21 years old - its probably better to characterize it as pristine condition at 15 years old, and great shape at 21. I'd say there was more damage caused from leaving in freshwater for the summer than the saltwater use.

I would assume there is a retrofit salt water kit for your engine? If you're serious about going, I'd certainly invest in one.

Trailers are a whole different question, as others have mentioned. We had no rust on our anodized trailer after 21 years...but you won't be so lucky.
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