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Decision made...

Originally Posted by Thrall View Post
The dirty smelly pump handles is bs. My wife has been drivin a diesel for the last 10 yrs and she's a nurse. Never went to work smellin like diesel. Besides how hard is it to grab a couple paper towels to hold the pump handle with.
I'd say get the gasser if you ever plan on owning a gasser again because after Rollin the Dmax you will think even the 6.2 is a pooch!
Obviously X55, M5, Denali you must have a garage. Keeps the truck warmer. Diesel warmup is about double the gasser. Plug it in though and it will be warm before you pull out of the garage.
Not sure what your 6.2 gets for mileage but my 6.2 ford is a gas suckin pig. 12mpg avg commuting.
17mpg avg with my bigger heavier big mud tire diesel. Diesel costs 10% more here and it gets gets almost 30% better mileage.
If you have the means get the diesel. Your X55 will look better behind it!!
Best response ever - Your X55 will look better behind it!! Decision made. I will be putting everything in place tomorrow for my bridge vehicle. Now, just need to wait for "Early 2014" to get the 2500HD with the Duramax.

Thanks everyone for the feedback and the perspectives.
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