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Originally Posted by Lumbergh View Post
Removed starboard exhaust and black polymer flange to replace flange with matching SS flange already done on port side.

Of course upon inspection the 3" x 3' exhaust hose is collapsing internally despite looking ok on the outside.

Also noted I should replace 3/8" fuel supply line just for the sake of being thorough.

Thank goodness for skidim.

Love my boat. But it's a tar baby for now.
Yeah same here Lumbergh... I will probably pull my all my fuel filters and even clean out the gas tank this spring... My boat runs great so I will try to talk myself out of it....but my OCD for my MC will probably get the best of me and I will do it...
...A bad day water skiing still beats a good day at work...1995 Pro Star 205....
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