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Originally Posted by rjracin240 View Post
We got it all going down here Gators in our lakes, rivers and sharks at the beach!!!!!
love bugs, anacondas....and.....and......
  1. School says teacher made kids wear dog 'cone of shame'
  2. Florida drunk driving suspect has craziest mug shot ever
  3. Cops say they've nabbed Florida's notorious bra bandits
  4. Florida governor mixes up phone sex line with meningitis help line
  5. Anticlimactic sex blamed for alleged attack on boyfriend
  6. Giant-eye mystery solved, Internet heaves a sigh of relief
  7. Atheists use 'unholy' water to unbless Florida highway
  8. You can make $76,000 a year scaring birds in sunny Florida
  9. Jesus' face appears on power box in Florida
  10. Shrimp boat finds ex-football player's leg floating in Florida
  11. Teacher quits after alleged interest in student 'boobage'
  12. Cops use Taser on man for trying to put out fire in his house
  13. Cop fired for using patrol car to move mattresses
  14. Cops say they caught car thief on run when she had the runs
  15. Impatient driver cuts in line, blows up gas station
  16. Manatee joyrider caught on camera turns herself in
  17. Here's why fans shouldn't use a mirror to apply their face paint
  18. Police kill naked cannibal who was chewing off a man's face
  19. Prom-goers surprised to find X-rated event in same building
  20. Cat casually strolls through Univision weather report

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