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Well, for me, I really wanted the open bow and, though I do not use it every time I go out, it is nice to have the extra seating. Yes, two average size adults can sit up there and be comfortable, but remember what this boat is made to do. Not really made for cruising in comfort. Think about the amount of people you would typically ride with too. I think the 190 is rated for 7 where the 205 is rated for 10. Not that I ride with 10, or would even know where all 10 would sit, but at least I know I have the option. I do not really do too much skiing so I do not run into the problem of worrying about those in the back seat, but you do have a point. I have tied the tube up to the ski pole and I think the people who were sitting in the back did move to the bow, but I mostly just tie up to my tower now.

If you have a good line on a 190, I would say go check it out. If you have any questions about it, just post them on the forum and you will probably get more answers and opinions than you might expect. And welcome to Team Talk!

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