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That is total BS. That dealer will just cause more misery AFTER you buy a boat.

So here's an idea...there are a TON of good people on this board and most likely a few on here that have a boat fairly close to what you are interested in buying that live close to you.

Offer up some gas money and maybe a few beers and have them take you out on THEIR boat.

By doing this you will not only get honest feedback on how they like / dislike their boat but you may find out some of the tricks they are doing to get that perfect surf wake, etc.

You may also meet a few people who you may become good friends with and then ski/surf together in the future.

We all love our MCs and love talking about them. That's why TMC exists.

If I had the boat you were interested in buying and you were close to me, I would have no problem taking you out to test it out...

You should have to make ridiculous efforts test driving a boat...especially if you are seriou about buying.

Good Luck!