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Originally Posted by KahunaCraft View Post
Yeah I hear you, they could always do more. I think the impellers for these pumps should be changed before they wear out and aren't accurate. That would reduce trips to the dealer. I get the point on wanting it configurable by the user, but at least now I have the features I needed. Saved me 2k in updating the ballast system.

I also think that on all years that it is wise to have the alternator spinning at a decent speed (1500 rpm) while drawing the current these pumps demand.

I believe the 2013's have a sending unit in the tank.

2013 is going to be a much better year for all of us. I feel that with this update and a few more upgrades I'm doing, I'm close to a 2013 as I can get (still not a 2013 but the gap has narrowed). The 2013 are a nice step forward Nick, you'll be very pleased with your boat and I would have done what you did 10 times out of 10. My scenario is different, I had a trade boat, my dealer has bent over backwards and yesterday solved my concerns.
My only problem now is I think the 2013 is the last year of current gel scheme.
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