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Originally Posted by Table Rocker View Post
The high pressure is between the fuel pump (back of the engine) and the injectors, so no problems there.

Getting the tank out isn't too bad. Remove the two hoses at the top of the tank along with the wires to the fuel sending unit. I tied mine up high so they wouldn't leak out all the gas. It wouldn't be a bad idea to note which sending unit post the red wire is on, although I think it works either way. Take the screws out of the clamps that hold the tank to the floor. On my boat, I also took out the black plastic panels that separate the side ski storage from the tank area (2 screws each). The hardest thing to remove for me was the filler hose. I loosened the clamp and then slid the tank forward to give myself a little room. Then just slide the tank out, one end first.

I had to repair my sending unit, so when I had it out I took the tank sump out and cleaned the tank out. I had plastic shavings from when the tank was first put together and a dead field cricket to clean out, but other than that it was clean.

Table Rocker, your the man. Now that's service, an answer in less than 30 min. Thank you!
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