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Truck Detailing?

So, I'm going to have my truck detailed in a few weeks so it's clean and shiny for my graduation and wedding. I found a place that will do the following for $210 which seems pretty reasonable to me. My question is are they doing what I should expect for a quality detailing? (I'm not sure I like the power wash since I have some rust spots starting and I'd hate to see the paint get picked off - but I figure I can just let them have my garden hose - it's a mobile service) I know we have some experts here so I figured I'd pick your brain... Thanks!

Exterior Detail Includes:

A smooth wash of the exterior with a 3500PSI power washer removing all lose substances. Soap and brush wash entire automobile. The exterior is hand clayed for extra smooth results on the paint. A heavy duty buffer and a high speed polisher are used for waxing and polishing removing minor scratches and rough spots leaving a new shiny smooth surface. Clean tires and whitewall's with special tire dressing and dust brake remover, clean wheel-wells. Wheels are degreased and shined. Oxidation & minor scratches are removed with Cleaner Wax. All chrome, plastic and rubber is cleaned. The finish is then polished and hand waxed with "Wet Wax" and "Re-new-It" sealant. Exterior windows are cleaned with a Universal protectant streak free. Door jams and trunk jam are cleaned and degreased. Under carriage and wheel wells are cleaned and degreased. All paint is sprayed with Dry Wash solution giving a shiny new look.

Interior Detail Includes:

The interior leather and/or fabric upholstery seats are vacuumed and scrubbed with a brush as well as a lotion and/or spray applicator and/or dressed with leather lotion and/or special spray. The backs of the front seats are cleaned. All buttons, nob's and controls are cleaned. All carpeting is vacuumed, shampooed and scrubbed removing foreign substances and odor. Floor mats are pressure washed. Ceiling is vacuumed and scrubbed with special spray applicator. Center console and dashboard area is all precisely cleaned and refinished. Trunk area is vacuumed and shampooed as desired. All windows and mirrors are cleaned streak free. Doors and door jams are cleaned and degreased. Underneath seats are vacuumed and cleaned. Interior scent is sprayed as a long lasting odor resistant throughout the automobile.
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