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Originally Posted by Maristar210
It remains to be seen if the best team and second best team are even in the big 10. While it is certainly admirable that OSU beat Texas it's luster was lost and soon as the Aggies dropped Texas a few weeks later, makes you say hmmmm??? Perhaps the three best teams in the country are Auburn, Florida and OSU. I saw the highlights from Indiana and OSU and remember thinking "this OSU team is far from perfect".
This seems like sour grapes. According to your posts you pull(ed) for UM. If you would have beat OSU would your comments follow the same logic?

That's great you saw the IU/OSU game and thought OSU was far from perfect. Please quote me any source that states OSU is w/o flaws...other than their 12-0 Big Ten Champion record this season and 19-0 win streak to date.

Any knock you think you are putting on OSU is an indirect knock on your UM since they did finish second to OSU.

Originally Posted by Maristar210
...meanwhile the overzealous OSU fans have choked on thier waffles for decades so thier exhuberance is as overdue as a John Cooper haircut.
You'll have to wait until 11.17.07 to see if UM can end the 1-5 streak your in. Welcome to your very own 'Cooper' years!

Originally Posted by Bruce
Steve very objective view. I agree on perhaps the 3 best teams. The only problem I see is that you are confusing this thread with logic and common sense.
I disagree with your first sentence, the 2nd one will be determined in the next few weeks, and agree with your 3rd.
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