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Originally Posted by 88 PS190 View Post
I did this on two separate boats this summer - both the 88 and 94 had burnt bulbs, the 88 had a bad rear bulb socket - this caused me several problems, the first was I couldn't get my voltmeter down into the hole on the hull so I tried to read voltage at the mast head - which didn't work.

This lead me to believe I had an actual wiring/fuse/switch problem that I spend a good hour trying to troubleshoot before grabbing the mast from the other boat - which worked with a new bulb.

The bow lamp then was simply a bulb on both of the boats. I did replace my stern bulbs with LED versions - mostly because at idle with all the lights on they go dim and the LED is way brighter.
Testimony as the voice of reasoning....twice in this thread.... I'd check the bulbs...

Bow bulbs

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