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Originally Posted by jdl xstar View Post
Regarding the use of Seadek everywhere... I know from experience that seadek can stain easily so having it lined in the entire interior is questionable. I loved being able to remove the carpet in previous MC's so not having that option plus the fact that the seadek would be exposed to constant wear is something to consider. I know it would feel great but give it a few months use and it will not look like it does in the pictures.
These are available with a removable carpet as well, the SeaDek is an option.

Obviously on a MasterCraft forum, love for the Nautiques will be hard to come by, but these boats are in now way any less than MC's offerings. In many areas they're better. Looks are irrelevant. Chevy owners hate the look of Dodges, Nissan owners dislike the Toyotas... Who cares. Is the G ugly? Maybe. Is the pickefork stupid? Yeah. Does either matter? No. Unless you're getting sick of your X2 banging holes in the back of your truck of course, then it does matter...
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