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Saturday, I spent about 4 hours cleaning the boat soley with toilet bowl cleaner to try to get the scum line off and also all the smudges off anf grime...I went through about 3/4 of a bottle and made some good progress. I also used that on the trailer fenders and trailer. Not too bad for a few hours worth of work. Weather was in the high 60s so it felt good to be outside.

Last night I replaced the front 2 hoses under the dash. I bought both the metal aluminum vent hose like for the dryer and also the black plastic flex hose...I wound up using the black plastic flex hose as the holes in the panel under the dash were not large enough to fit the metal hoses through.

Removed the SWEET audiovox stereo that must have come with the boat in 1994 and also messed with the front compartment light as it will not turn on..gotta see how this guy had this wired. I picked up a new one to replace in case it is fried for some reason.


ACC1 toggle does not light will power the stereo though...can I get a replacement toggle or does a bulb within the toggle need to be replaced?

Trailer lights...driver side running lights do not work, passenger side works and also all brake lights and both directionals. I checked all ground and started searching for any cracked wires, etc. but have come up short (no pun intended). Any ideas? All fuses and bulbs on the truck are ok.

Hopefully gonna do some more tonight...noat goes to storage on Saturday.

Before and after pics of the nose...
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