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Changed oil and transmission fluid, put antifreeze in engine, fogged engine and cylinders, put in some fuel stabilizer.

Turned a couple of hours worth of work into an all day affair. I bought a 1/4" mip to attach the drain hose to the mityvac instead of 1/4" fip. Sucked oil up through the dipstick and then got the tube stuck for about half an hour. After taking out the transmission filter cover, I couldn't get the allen bolt to loosen, so it wouldn't go back in. Had to take it to a friend's house and put it in a vise to get enough leverage to get it to loosen. The mityvac draws the fluid out a lot slower than I expected. Somehow the tip broke off a spark plug when removing them to fog the cylinders, but I change them every spring anyway. Minus the 4 hours I wasted watching tennessee lose, this somehow took me all day.
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