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Originally Posted by KahunaCraft View Post
Well, I went to the MC source today and I'm a happy camper.

I was given a summary of the latest 2012 Medallion Software update that is in the dealers hands now and think it will resolve PP and that it allows for piggy backing. To adjust the timers on the 2012 with the touch screens, there is a tool your dealer will use to flash in that config. If they don't have the tool already, it is on the way.

For those without PnP (like mine) you will piggy back a sac and then your dealer will adjust the timer (revolutions of the pump) accordingly. For example if you piggy a 750# bag to the port locker, then have the dealer quadruple the revolutions (250# hard tank + 3 times the length of time) for that pump to fill the hard tank, then the sac. It will also correspond to the % full as a 1000# ballast on the touch screen. So now at 25% full, just the hard tank will be full...and at 75% full, 50% of the bag plus the entire hard tank.

One key item to remember, for some reason he mentioned to not delete 'the boat' in the touch screen config, that will cause you to have to have it reprogrammed by the dealer.

Also note a mute button will be on most or all screens and user interface has been improved for cruise. Also fixed the sensitivity of the screen. The update also addresses PnP boats as well.

He said they tested it thoroughly. To be frank, I was pretty impressed with the level of detail and comprehension of the issues he had.
Originally Posted by Nick911 View Post
My concern is that for whatever reason the revolutions of the pump as a timing device is totally inaccurate. It was like playing plinko filling my tanks as they were always showing different levels. The only time I knew the levels for sure was when water was coming out of overflows.

Although, sounds like they have taken this thing seriously.
For 2010 the BIG works by timing how long the pump runs as well; you can call that revolutions I guess. You can adjust the amount of time in the BIG - no dealer involvement required. So yes it was inaccurate as well. To get it to be the most accurate I needed to consistent about having the boat running at 1500 RPM when the pumps are being run. Thing is I rarely remembered to do that when playing with the rider settings. The difference in 2010 was that you could just look at the display to see where the tanks were at because that was driven by senders in the ballast tanks. Once I understood what was going on, I could get the rider settings to function fairly well.

In the end I ended up not using "rider" profiles. I have the ballast timers set so that they will always overfill. I just fill the ballast to where I want it, set the desired speed and drop the throttle. The trim tab I control by hand. Honestly, Mercruiser has it right by having the trim switch right on the throttle where you can adjust it with your thumb - I know, complete heresy for the inboard folks. I really liked that because you did not have to go looking for the switch if you needed to adjust the trim. Hum, maybe I just figured out what a good winter project would be.

The efficiency of your impeller will change over time with wear. It's just plain stupid to expect boat owners to return to the dealer, in many cases hundreds of miles away, to have that adjustment done. Also, the only way to tell is set at the correct amount of time is by making that adjustment on the lake. You should see if you can push to have this as a "user" adjustment. Seems to me if they could do it for 2010 they can do it for 2012. Just my
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