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Electrical Replaced

All (and I mean ALL) of the wires in the boat have been replaced. Adhesive heat shrink, good ring lug terminals w/ heat shrink and wire. I used Anchor marine heat shrink and that stuff was awesome.

I ran two conduits along the right side stringers, one for engine and one for transom electrics. The old conduit in the gunwale was too crowded and the engine pipe, well that one was useless, lying on the bottom of the hull...

I replaced several gauges and dumped the ammeter for a voltmeter. New hourmeter and oil pressure.

The fuel sender needed replacement - I tried to fix it, but no deal. New one works great.

All new electrical wiring on the engine. Relocated circuit protection and my starter has a built-in solenoid. Extra wires for whatever comes next... Depth finder is on the wish list.
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