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No crank, no click, battery 12.v - help plz

I'm getting no crank when I turn the key. The gauges fire up when the key is turned, it sounds like the fuel pump is making noise, but no click from the starter/solenoid and nothing but a beep when I turn the key.

I tested the battery, 12.7v, cleaned the posts (they were already clean), tested the solenoid 12.7v, and checked for error codes - I get code 12 which is "normal condition (diagnostics system is operational)" - (as an aside, *** is the point of this code?).

Here are my questions:

1)Could the battery could still be bad even though it says 12.7v?
2)Does 12.7v at the solenoid mean I can rule it out?
3)Could the ignition switch be the problem even though the key positions do respond appropriately?

Thanks for the help guys
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