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Congrats on all your new digs. There is no substitute for safety, it doesn't matter who's in the boat.
1. It's your boat, your rules. Teach them how to drive in a straight line and then do a "dumbell turn" and go right back through the water they were just in.
"I wish you wouldn't get so close to the other skiers or boarders, there have been too many deaths over the US by other boats hitting downed skiers" - very sad but true.
2. Since the boat is new, check the oil daily, vary the rpms for the first 10-12 hrs. Check the tranny fluid once every couple of days to make sure it stays topped off then just keep an eye on it. Oil/filter change every 50 hrs, I do tranny fluid every 50 hrs too. I change plugs and fuel filter every year.
3. I leave my engine cover vented over night (prop it up) to let all the heat out so I hardly ever run my blower but for training new people, run first thing in the morning and after getting fuel are two safe operations.

Everyone has varying opinions, find what works best for you. If you like tinkering with your boat, then maintenance is a great way to tinker.

Common courtesy on lakes is hard to get sometimes so ski early, it's easier to deal with. We have one finger off a cove on our lake, that if we want to mess with everyones kids, everybody brings a boat, party barge, etc. We tie them together, all the way to shore to shore and use the MC inside the long finger - we sort of seal it off.
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