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Etiquette and a new life on the water

I just moved onto a lake, and just bought my new X7 (which I love!!!), and while snooping around ran across a few etiquette and wakeboard/ski issues and thought I would start a new thread...ask a few questions...and maybe shed some light on things from a newbies perspective.

First, I am in my mid thirties, married with kids, yadayada. Your average joe I guess.

Up until this year, I had never owned a boat or been behind one on anything...a complete newbie in every sense.

First, a few questions:

1. Does anyone have any advice on how to tactfully let people know that power turns and running up on skiers/boarders is simply not allowed on your boat? Its really a tough situation, the neighbors that have been boating on the lake for many years take a turn driving your boat pulling you, and they make every mistake imaginable when it comes to common courtesy and safety...but it would be pretty arrogant to have an admitted newbie counsel them on it. I was thinking of having a sticker made that has a few of the rules...what do you guys do. I want to do it right, but see that most simply do not care. Thoughts?

2. How often do you guys check your fluids....about every how many hours?

3. do you really need to run the blower every time? I notice than most people only do the first time they start it up in the morning...then not after. Nothing legal...whats the real deal? on the other issue. I didn't know a dang thing about any of it. I went out and bought it all right away. I bought skies, a wakeboard, a wakeskate, kneeboard, airchair, and several tubes.

I have spent a few hours on each, and I like each for different reasons. On the lake, it seems that everyone has their favorite, which is fine, but I am enjoying having a quiver to pull from for the maximum fun at any given time. When you read this...remember that I have only had the boat about a I clearly have very limited experience on each.

I have to say, that I have no prejudices at all, and that double skis sucks compared to the others. Friday I tried slalom, and that was actually a pleasant surprise. Based on how doubles was, I pretty much felt like it was going to be a one time thing. The feeling of acceleration was surreal, and I like the analogy of the perfect golf shot to it. I can see how it could be a blast and the most "pure" of the field, but that will be reserved for the early morning glass.....ahhhhh.

The wakeskate is a blast, and although I cant get air with it yet it also has a weird feeling of surfing for some reason. I pull it out when a few boats come out or the wind picks up and its not glass anymore.

Then comes the wakeboard...the great part about the wakeboard is that you can get to decent in just a few hours of time. Thats the draw I think. It is easy to get up, easy to turn, easy to carve, and the possibilities are absolutely endless. I have to say that I will probably spend most of my time boarding, it seems to fit.

When the lake gets a little worse, I pull out the airchair. It really is a wild feeling, and you can cut through the chop like nothing else. There is nothing...and I do mean nothing...that is like taking an airchair out during a sunset in glass. When it starts to fly, and the world goes quiet, and you take your eyes off off everything but the sunset in front of you...its just beautiful. Peaceful, you can actually think at the same time.

Of course, when things turn to crap, yank out a tube and pull the kids around. You know, I already hate tubes and what they do. I swear, it is amazing that nobody has gotten killed on our lake. I already feel like a total wanker pulling a tube with my boat. It feels like hooking a popup trailer onto a Ferrari.

From my new seat, I see that what everyone needs is a little education and courtesy training.

Anyway, what I am trying to say is that while everyone seems to feel that what they do is the right thing, or the pure thing, or the most challenging thing which automatically means that everyone else should get out of the way...I can tell you that everyone here is blessed to be able to do any of it. I cant tell you how excited I am at every milestone, every new kid that gets up on a board or skis, the interaction with the water is therapeutic.

Look around a little, you have water around you 360 degrees....that should be all you need to smile.

I guess I will have to try barefooting next. Man, that's going to hurt. I think I ruptured my eardrum this weekend as it is taking a hard faceplant..I cant imagine what it would have been like at 45mph.

By the way, its great being part of the community.
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