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Splicing Ski rope Loops

I came into some bulk 3/8" polyethylene rope and I am wanting to make a couple tow ropes out of it. This stuff is fairly low stretch so it would be for wakeboard, kneeboard, foiling, etc... My question is about splicing the loops in. I have done a fair amount of rope splicing for dock lines and other similar uses, but never a ski tow rope.

The splices I normally use are called a Brummel splice (first picture) I believe and they come out nice and thin, but most of the ski rope ends I see look as if the spliced loop has knot at the base (2nd picture) Any insight on how this is done? is it just a normal splice with an overhand knot tied around it.

This may sound a little strange, but when we spend a week at the lake I like to spend my down time making and repairing ropes, me and my rope fid pass the time quite nicely

Also does anyone know of any guides on how handles are tied and braided together? I thought it would be real simple to reverse engineer the knots, but I'm having no such luck.

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