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I am sort of shocked to see this is even an issue.
I have a 2003 x 30. I bought it originally because my brother in law who had a ski Supreme and is a hard core slalom guy told me, after I was impressed with his boat, that if I wanted a sport boat of that sort, to "Go get a Mastercraft. They are the best built boats out there bar none" I followed his advice and never looked back. Whenever I see a old stars and stripes, I get a smirk on my face knowing the heritage and the quality of those boats that went into mine. Tried true and tested. Yes its true that the water sports scene has and is changing, but in no way does it in my opinion invalidate the Prostars or their riders.
That's probably why every year when I go to the New England Boat show and I look at a Nautique or Axis or any competitor's boat, the first thing they do is try and I emphasize "TRY" to do is compare it to a Mastercraft. It has is and always will be the Gold standard of Sport Boats. Pro Series or X
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