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couple videos to help...found them on another forum debating whether skiing was fading away...

I could post a 2012 X-Star video, but no need. We all have seen the latest Mastercraft media.

In comparison, a Porsche 911... it seats two and is great on the track. Does that make a person with "Panamera Turbo S" a non-owner of a Porsche if he doesn't track his four seater? Or for that matter is the new 911 Turbo S less of a 911 because it isn't air cooled?

History is history, in 2009 we almost lost this great boat company.

What makes a company survive? Variety and versatility. The market demands that. If you don't like it, fine, but realize you can't change it and other changes are coming. I'd like to see more innovation at MC, not less.

IMO we're all owners and there are categories of owners. Skiers, Boarders, Skaters, Skyskiers, Surfers, Tubers, Towable Snorklers, Divers, Fishers...and other sports. Pick your categories - enjoy them.
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