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Upholstery Damage

I have a 06 X2 and I am getting some serious damage on the front Vinyl and back engine fat sack locker vinyl. It appears the damage is coming from my cover where is makes contact with the seats. I will try to add some pic's when I get back to my house today. I bought some clear vinyl - I am thinking about cutting it and putting it on top of the seat prior to putting the cover on????? maybe that will work.... I am at a loss.

Has anyone else encountered this? And if so what did you or are you doing to stop this? Is there any cure to reverse the damage? I have tried Mcquires, magic erasers, and about every other thing I could find to fix it.

On another note... Since trying everything I could find to clean the vinyl it now has become "Sticky". I don't know what caused the stickiness nor how to solve it. I have 303'ed it and still sticky.

Any and all suggestions welcomed.

PS - yes I know there are a lot of threads pertaining to and I have tried many of the suggestions.
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