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When I said
Originally Posted by FlyZone Costa Rica View Post
Wish I knew more about all this. But I don't.
, that's really what I meant. I honestly know next to nothing about it.

Originally Posted by Kyle View Post

We also have another guy who is just trying to bust my balls saying marine engines have higher tolerances and automotive engines are slapped together loosely. Marine must be the only way to have tight tolerances.
So, I wasn't trying to bust any balls, but just comparing 2 pieces of info I have.
I'm looking for a replacement engine, and have thought about using an automotive block (which I can find locally) vs a marine engine (which I'd have to ship from the states). An automotive block would make life much easier, but I don't want to end up with a half assed product.

Therefore this thread has my attention and I genuinely asked for your opinion.
Let's keep the info coming!
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