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What does transmission slipping feel like - Please Help

What does typical transmission slipping feel like, sound like or look like on the tach.

Just changed trans fluid last night. Oil was amber color. Didn't smell bad. Used suction pump and pulled about 2.5 quarts out. Refilled with Valvoline Dex/Mer. Said for Dexron III and below applications. Powerslot.

Running really well. Took it up to full speed and it seemed like the the engine speed was higher 5500 RPM @ 42 MPH. Don't know how accurate the spedo are. Seemed like top engine speed before was 4500 to 5000. I just can't remember. No surging at speed or on acceleration. Accelerates well and pulls strong. When I stuff it the engine speed pulls up fast and the boat speed then catches up. I assume because the prop is in water. This would be similar to a burn-out in a car. However since I can't hear the tires squeal all I can think of is a roasting clutch.

Checked oil and it was now amber red / orange color probably from mixing with what was left in there. I think I am going to change it again or even twice. Since I was having some issues with the tach I am going to hook up my TinyTach from the lawn mower and verify the engine speed.
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