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Originally Posted by Nordicron View Post
Maybe I was a little off on the $40,000 comment. But there was a thread on one of these forums about a $160,000 boatshow priced star this season! also I don't believe a fully optioned Star is only $15,000 more than a fully optioned x30. My point more so was that the x-30 would be more desirable as a pickle fork. And that a pickle fork x-30 is a far cry from a star. Both in terms of price and functionality. Heck doesn't a x-30 even hold more people? And no one has ever said one negative thing about the wake quality of the new 30.
The Total MSRP was less than $160,000 on my XStar..... The only options, that I didnt get, was sat radio, tower speakers, and tower lights. (that I took off my other boat.....) Considering that my boat has the 7.4l, Power tower, and all of the other major options, I can't see a boat show price of $160,000.

I could see the MSRP reaching $160k on an absolutely loaded XStar, but nothing close to that on an asking price. (unless the dealer is not interested in selling it). From what I have seen, most of them are priced in the range of $120-$125k.

Provided that you are talking about the same engines, in the boats that you are quoting. And they are both optioned up pretty good.... An XStar should cost about 15k more than an X30. If you are talking about a 6.0 in the X30, and a 7.4l in the XStar, it is going to be more like $25k difference. I could care less, if you believe it or not. I priced them myself, and I saw the dealer figures....... I know what the difference was.

Also, If I remove posts from teamtalk, that were posted here by guys that hate on MCs constantly over at WW, I wouldn't have heard anything negative about the XStar wake either.
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