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Originally Posted by mertens View Post
Hello all,

I have a 1989 Maristar 240. I am trying to find out what might be the best placement for ballast to produce a steep but firm wake with a kick at the top. I have 1350lbs of ballast in the back, 500 in the center locker and 100lbs in the bow. When standing on the swim deck the water level is at our shins.

I know there are hundreds of ballast threads, my problem is I can't find much info about the hull design of the Maristar in 1989. It is my understanding that different hull designs like different weight distribution. I have read that many Mastercrafts love weight in the bow.

Does anyone know what this years hull design likes when it comes to weight distribution?

One other nagging question, can a wake be steep with a nice lip but yet be soft? I just can't dial it in.

Thanks in advance
The MariStar 240 or any of the early MariStar hulls were never designed for additional ballast for wakeboarding, surfing or anything more than recreational waterskiing and luxury cruising. That's the reason you can't find much info on loading them up with ballast for a better wake.
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