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i have four of the adaptors for sale also. i mounted four 2005 cans to my 2008 xstar tower. the adaptors allow for swivel and tilt. i have my speakers swiveled out somewhat and slightly tilted up to accomodate for the boat when it is in the running attitude. this way the speakers aren't pointing down into the water 30 feet behind the boat. i tilted them enough to where they are now shooting directly towards the rider plus they are swiveled out into the flats so that there is no dead spot when you are outside the wakes. works as well as it possibly could. still, however, i wish i had wetsounds that reached farther and were louder when riding. there is still no competitiion, however, when it comes to who's cans and billet grills are the best looking. the MC/Gere Marie cans and billet grills are the sharpest looking set-up out there. the sound is more than adequate but far less than Wetsounds pro 80's and they don't completely run you out of the boat (in the event you have someone playing Barry White).

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