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83 S&S Restoration

So I got my winter project that I had been looking for for the last 6 months or so. I made the 1300 mile trip and bought roush's project (you may remember the pictures from the 10 yr old cheese nips sitting on the dash). Anyway, it was pretty much exactly was I was looking for so it was worth the drive. His last last trip out in the boat resulted in a blown exhaust hose and then subsequently 3 broken riser bolts. This is where I took over. Tried everything to get the bolts out..............nothin. Did learn my first lesson though, never use an extractor on a rusted bolt because once you break that off in there, you're screwed! Ended up taking off the exhaust manifolds and letting a machine shop deal with it. They couldn't even get the two bolts out that didn't have the extractor in it so they sent them off to get it burned out, what an ordeal! Last weekend I finally got it all put back together and we took it out for a quick trip to the lake. She ran, and not too bad either. I think the timing is off and the carb needs to be adjusted but overall I was happy that I didn't have to get towed back to the dock. So now she is put away for the winter and the projects will begin. Today I took her off the trailer thanks to the help from this thread:

One suggestion to others who try this, don't use a floor jack, it may move, like mine did, and cause the other hydraulic jacks fall as well. Luckily there was enough trailer under it that it fell back on to it. It's sitting pretty now on foam blocks. This will make it much easier to work on the gelcoat and I can get the trailer blasted and painted while it's off too.

So my first questions. Based on what I've read on here and this site: I feel like I have a pretty good idea of what to do on the gelcoat but no one really says what rubbing compound they use. Here are the ones I found, which one do you think will work best? Or does it really matter that much?

3M 09004:

3M 05955:

3M 06039:

3M 06025:
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