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I have 750s in the rear (950 lbs "fully expanded") and a 650 U shaped sac under the front seats that are fully automated (i.e. flip a switch to fill/drain). I also have a 280 lbs sac that I just fill at the beginning of the season in the front of the ski locker and leave full. I had another 280 filled/drained via a portable pump that I'd put in the walkway sometimes if we wanted a lot of weight for wakeboarding or I'd put it on the surf side towards the rear for surfing.

It took some dialing in but for the last couple of seasons it just works and I don't really have to think about it. If you're all about the surfing then I'd get the 1100s for the rear. They'll fit but you won't get them fully "plumped" like you can with the 750s. You might get close to the 1,100 lb nominal weight but you certainly won't get more than that (i.e. you will only fit maybe 150 more lbs in an "1100 lb sac" vs. the expanded "750 lb sac") due to the size of the locker.

Here's the wakeboard wake:

I don't have any pictures of the surf wave. I really just set it up for surfing on a "best effort" basis since I don't particularly care for it. It does work fine though.
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