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Originally Posted by mikeg205 View Post
Are you able to have the tranny rebuilt while you have it out? How many hours? Kyle has some great pics of propping of the motor while working on it.

Change the rear main seal while you are there as well.
I would not touch the transmission if its not acting up. Pulling it out and putting it back in take an hour or so each way... no need to spend $800+ for a rebuild just because its out.

I also would not consider touching the rear main seal just because the tranny is off, if the seal has shown no signs of leaking. That is a much, much bigger job than a simple damper replacement. Its also a real pain to do with the engine in the boat.

As far as damper tips go, here are a few:
1. Get a quality damper. If you have a Velvet Drive, use the Sachs damper that ebasic sells. High quality and low cost- win/win.

2. Leave transmission mounts on the transmission... its usually easier to remove the mounts from the boat than to remove the mounts from the tranny.

3. Loosen all pinch bolts and jack the back of the engine up before removing the trans from the engine. Support the engine with a bottle jack and some blocks of wood under the exhaust manifolds if you can.

4. On/off is pretty straightforward. Having a second set of hands to wiggle the output coupler on the trans to line up the splines on the input shaft and damper is helpful.

5. If the bolts used to attach the damper do not self-center it, then leave the bolts loose until the tranny is attached. On off center damper is a big no-no. Tighten the bolts through the starter hole or cut a small hole in the bell housing to tighten them (the hole can be plugged with a grommet later).

6. Do not forget to perform a full powertrain alignment afterwards. If you do not have a good grasp of how an alignment is performed, ask! Understanding the concept makes this job very easy- though it can be a little time consuming chasing it around. Understanding exactly what youre trying to accomplish will help you visualize what needs to happen and will prevent you from dialing in a gross amount of misalignment... Ive seen this many times.
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