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Wonder if duct tape would be better or worst in this application ?

In terms of running cutting bits in reverse, I did the same when I cut plastic siding with a skill saw, prevented the plastic from splintering likely a similar effect with fibreglass/gel coat. I'd buy a high grade bit and take a look at the RPM's of the drill. Slower seems to be better and yes in reverse.

Some other thoughts ..

1. Drill a small pin test hole first 1/8th inch in the area you want to place the cleat, that way if you decide to move the hole 1/2 inch either side you'll be fine. In case where you're off a bit.

2. Take a look at the stock ones, MC had someone do some research on where they go, may not be obvious at first glance. Also helps with resale if you mimic original as much as possible. I'd try to find a relatively flat spot if possible.

3. There are wiring harnesses close by, take your time. Measure three times, drill once.

4. If you're sold on having them, I'm assuming your adding the midship cleats, don't read this point. There are fender adjusters that I use even though I have midship cleats. They work well if the cleat is mainly being used for bumpers. Just a thought.

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