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Exclamation Posting in the Classified Section Guidelines

This section is for listing boats only.
If you want opinions on a boat, post here.
If you are looking and want to buy a boat, post here.

For the Seller:
  • Please write a descriptive ad with plenty of pictures to accurately show the current condition of the boat.
  • Include the asking price on any boats that are not the current model year. Dealers posting current model year boats need not include pricing.
  • Any ads posted without the current location of the boat will be deleted.
  • Please be reminded this is an open forum. Comments regarding price, condition, color, etc., will be provided. If this is not welcomed, please use the TeamTalk Marketplace or outside classifieds to post.

For the Forum Members:
  • Please use tact, class and respect when commenting on the seller’s boat. Remember that this boat was/is likely the seller's pride and joy. Money, heartache, sweat and tears were likely spent to make it what it is today. If your comments are found to be rude or offensive the following discipline will ensue:
    • First Offense: Post deleted and poster warned.
    • Second Offense: Post deleted and poster restricted from posting in the Classifieds Section for one week.
    • Third Offense: Poster permanently removed from posting in the Classifieds Section
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