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I understand not wanting to cut out the boat but saying it out loud truly sounds harsher than it is. I probably should have re-phrased this. It's not cutting out.... it is basically enlarging the existing hole.

Note in my case it was the best option for few reasons:

1. two of the "built in" grommets in my panel were either gone or starting to break, only one panel hole was in perfect factory useable condition.
2. the PO had already enlarged the front hole and used the poor judgment of using a smaller diameter non factory bolt
3. the PO only had one of the original bolts in. The non factory bolt he had in was loose when I took ownership and it appears this may wore the existing hole into a funny shape.

It is my opinion and in my case the longer Machined Grommet not only is an aesthetically pleasing addition but VERY functional. Literally a better than new solution considering what a loose bolt can and will do to the fiberglass.

I am 110% satisfied with the longer grommet - This is a better solution to a problem that I was having that also provides a great look. More importantly I'm confident the next owner down the road will not have to deal with it!

PS this is ONE REALLY WELL BUILT boat. The quality of the glass back there and the thickness is impressive!
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