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Originally Posted by Wex007 View Post
Hi Smith14a and niel.anderson63 - I've got a 2007 X2 also and have come accross the same issue where the MC cruise speedo #3 reads differently to the centre speedo #2. Did you guys ever find out how to calibrate or change the units of the MC Cruise speedo?
Got it straightened out. Basically reset the speedo. Got it to where I could choose KPH or MPH. I have a different cruise than yours. If you got speedos #1 and 2 to calibrate but the Perfect Pass speedo isn't calibrating - I'm not sure how to calibrate the PP as I have MC cruise. Friend has the same set up as you and the people at PP walked him through the reset to get it all working right.

EDIT - My cruise is exactly like yours - The total reset fixed mine.
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