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Originally Posted by CruisinGA View Post
Cobalts are nice boats for sure. I like them a lot
But when it comes to any kind of watersport.... They are another I/O.
You just don't get it. Not everyone in this market is looking for a tripped out wake boat with skull graphics and 10K lbs of ballast. Many of us are here because we know that the integrity of the MC product is generally superior from companies like Colbalt and that we trust in a product that comes from generations of quality engineering and craftmanship. We pay the extra price for product that is going to be reliable and trustworthy. But, the trend inside of MC, and most other watersports boat builders, is to cater to a demographic that drinks diet Mountain Dew, has a Red Bull tattoo, and thinks that Bruce Jenner is famous for being Kim Kardashian's creepy dad.

All we are looking for is a little class. And MC has lost that. I know how the other guy feels when you take the family to look at boats and they don't like the MC. My wife and kids were drooling over the new 2013 20' Chris Craft and my son was asking when we were going to trade the Maristar in. I was floored! Even a 13 yr. old knows what style and class looks like. Leather wrapped dash board, clean lines, LUXURY appointments. It's the difference between owning a Cadillac that will have years of style, and owning a Camaro that was made to look like a Transformer.
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