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Just to update. Was able to get trim tab installed. Once you get over the thought of drilling all those holes in your boat it is a pretty easy install or at least I felt it was. I bought a trim tab off a fellow mastercraft owner from this forum so it saved me a lot from buying somewhere else. That was MC part number 559047 I am pretty sure. For my 06 X15 the bracket to hold the actuator on went to an area on the boat that wasn’t flat so I also order a special bracket which was MC part number 530060. Lastly I purchased a Lenox switch which is part number 15095-001. Mounted the tab flush with the bottom of the boat at each end with just the ribs hanging below the bottom of the boat. Made a jig out of some 1x4’s to hold it in place while I marked the locations for the screws. I also put painters tape over the areas before I drilled the holes to help keep the gel coat from cracking outside of where I drilled. Found the wires from the circuit breaker that was already in the boat for trim tab.(was an option in 06) and wired that to my switch. After that it was just a couple plugs and I was good to go. Now just have to wait for warm weather to get her back out on the water and see how it does. From most of what I have read most people say it is nice to have. Here are some pictures of it installed. Still have a little clean up to do but other than that it’s all done. May have to make a small notch on the bottom of my platform because of the wire but mine is teak so that will be really easy. Now for another project.
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