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Originally Posted by jdl xstar View Post
Update.. Dealer still recommends a long block replacement. Before I pull the trigger, I'm going to the dealership on monday with a mechanic to check it out and give a second opinion before I fork over some serious cash. Assuming it needs replacement, we are getting a Jasper remanufactured long block which from my basic searches show they produce legit engines. Cost: $5,570 plus labor, appr $2,000. I'm still in shock that the boat ran fine the week I took it in for an oil change and now I'm looking at a new engine.

With essentially a new engine, I can reset my engine hours, no? Of course I'd always disclose boat hull hours but with this type of money being put out, I REALLY want my engine hour clock reset!

If anyone from the Mastercraft company or Indmar is reading this: a 2007 boat with 320 hours SHOULD NEVER NEED AN ENGINE REPLACED.
If they're going to recommend this, they had better be dam sure of why it's needed. I would want an oil sample, to send in for analysis, too. They can determine all kinds of things from that. Count on taking a quart, if possible.

This happened on their premises, on their watch. Talk to a lawyer about this- it doesn't seem probable.

If you take a mechanic, see if they'll let him look further into this than the dealer apparently has. If they saw spun bearings and declared it "toast", it's a weak diagnosis, IMO. If other bearings show the same problem, it would seem that the oiling failed, for whatever reason. If your mechanic sees evidence of bluing, it means oil wasn't getting where it should have been and I'd be asking some questions that would make the dealership owner very uncomfortable if it was my boat. I wouldn't worry about making friends with the dealer if I were you. If your mechanic sees something fishy, document it and get photos- lots of them, with plenty of good light and a date/time stamp. E-mail at least one photo to yourself and your friend before you start shooting and e-mail the new ones, too- that way, it's verifiable.
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