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i like the perspective that the G23 will look dated in a few years... however, pull those graphics off and you've still got a decently classy looking boat.
I'm not a fan of the new star's graphics at all. I know its the 'xstar'.. but i think they should have gone more of the direction of the 40th anniversary boats... could someone photoshop the graphics from the 40th to a new star? wow... that would look amazing. Add a black powder coated power tower... may have something that looks better than the original 40th (i said MAY...)

anyway, we had supra, BU, CC and MC at the cincinnati show.
BU - 24 MXZ is a sharp boat.. i liked the wake on the 22 MXZ but disappointed you cant put a 350 in it. i imagine the 24 MXZ you'd have to get with at least the 6.2. Surf gate? meh.. i think it makes the back of the boat look fugly and i don't surf that much anyway (heard from a good source you need additional weight even with the magical surf gate, a good source)
CC - had a G23 there. I really, really do not like the grey faux teak interior. way to drab. As far as function, the LINC is awesome, still doesn't look right off to the side like that though. super comfortable boat to sit in as a driver, super uncomfortable to sit in as passenger. Haven't ridden behind one, but from everything everyone has said, its awesome. PCM's downfall is they dont have an engine based on the LS3, they're rolling with the 6.0L L96 block for their 450, which has GOT to burn a lot more gas than an 6.2l. engineer friend also was very skeptical that 450 number was honest having the same displacement as the 400hp 6l. tower is hideous...
MC - MSRP of 133k for a boat? i know they're all expensive, and i know the ilmor 7.4 is second to none... but come on. I'm also very disappointed that they didn't make the inside of the new star larger... it felt almost the same size as my 07. X10 seems like it would be a cool boat, i'd like to ride behind one soon. Interiors are head and shoulders above the rest.
Supra - they had a SA450 there. MSRP of 97k. for a supra?!?! really?!?! still looks like a MXZ to me. It's certainly a cool boat, but its not 30k+ cooler than their previous 22 launch. see comment on G23's tower in the CC section. still missing the fit and finish i would expect from a ~100k boat. I'd also like to ride behind it... but they're putting themselves in a pricepoint that competes with the X25, 230, and MXZ... and its a distant 4th to those 3. the supra dealer in cincinnati also knows nothing about wakeboarding... nice guys though, just not riders.
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