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Originally Posted by Surfer View Post

so driving for barefoot, there is a slight change of experience problems with roller cam and original EFI computer? Ok, nothing should be out of normal range, except the cam (the not original roller cam was included in your reasoning). Also cooler air temp. in Finland, but this EFI does not straigth take that into account?

Or, as you said rich enough; If we know the max. output of the original EFI, we could calculate what is the base GM engine's max. requirement?
Or are these specifications publicly available? Something should exist at least.


The intake air temp isn't monitored on older models. The only time I saw people having problems barefooting with a TBI engine was when they had small feet and were relatively heavy. With cooler air temp, the extra power wouldn't hurt (it's always nice to have a little extra)- what is the elevation where you'll be skiing?
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