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Originally Posted by Matt7246 View Post
I am very new to boating and i just bought a 1997 Mastercraft Maristar with the Corvette LT1 engine in it. I am having so much trouble parking it i can't even explain lol...

Unlike other boats this has a V-drive and the prop doesn't go up or down. For some reason when i am approaching my dock as soon as i put it in neutral the boat makes a hardddd left turn so what i have been doing it just coming in with it just ever so slightly clicked in gear and then ram reverse before i crash into the dock (still very fast though for parking, all my passengers always go woah woah woah and then i slame reverse and they're all like "dude!, woah woah woah!, phew! , i thought u were taking the dock out man!". This seems to be the only way i have somewhat control of the boat while parking it. I see everyone else come into the dock and they just line up and some even turn the boat completely off and the thing just coasts right into the space like a piece of cake.

Is there a certain way, trick or anything i am supposed to be doing to park a V-drive stationary prop driven boat ?

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
Go out and find a calm part of the lake and practice- that's what it takes to know your boat and how it reacts when shifting. Usually, you'll need to come in on an angle when docking. When you put it on the trailer, you need to come in straight and leave it in gear, idling. Once it glides on, you can use more power to move it forward to the bow roller or Boat Buddy.

Practice, practice, practice.
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