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Yeah, when you hit reverse the rear end is going to swing to the right (starboard).

You're going to have to come in dead slow, coming from the left as much as possible so that when you reverse you have room for the boat to swing right without hitting the other boat. Make sure to put some fenders on the rear quarter of your boat so that, if you do hit the other guys boat, you hit it with the fender.

Couple of things you might try:
When you pull back to neutral, crank the wheel all the way to the right. This will get the stern moving left, which will counteract the right swing that will occur when you hit reverse (The rudder position really doesn't have much affect when you're in reverse). Also, with the wheel cranked hard right, you can momentarily hit forward to arrest a swing to the right.

In your original post, you mentioned that the boat pulled hard left when you put the boat in neutral. If you're just coming back to neutral, this is NOT normal behavior - your boat should glide straight just like every other boat.

1998 Maristar 200VRS
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