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Originally Posted by nmcjr View Post
Yeah, I can see your point, although I have a friend with a natique with under floor rear hard tanks and there are times that it gives him fits. Filling is not a problem, but sometimes when emptying, the vents on the bags will suck in on themselves which then prevents the hard tanks from draining. To fix this he had to add second vents to the bags. This works fine most of the time, but has cluttered up his lockers. Also, one of his tanks cracked, I'm guessing from the added pressure of having to fill the bag on top. I'm a big fan of simplifying ballast systems as much as possible, so my vote is always for bags only.
I'm a big fan of either removing the hard tanks, if on top of the floor, or adding new thru-hulls and pumps for additional ballast. Having the ability to fill both hard tank and surf bag at the same time is sweet. Better yet, filling 1800 lbs of ballest in less then 10 minutes is really sweet.

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