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Some coments on them i found.
WARNING: USHIP has huge brokerage fees (hidden)
uShip's brokerage fees are huge, and they are hidden. Looking at the bids going down at uShip you might think the drivers are getting paid OK prices, BUT, behind the scenes, the driver is actually paying up to 12.9% of his earnings to uShip.

12.9% (applies to the first $500 of the bid price), 10.9% ($500.01-$1500), 8.9% ($1500.01-$3000), 6.9% ($3000.01-$5000), 4.9% ($5000.01-$7500), 2.9% ($7500.01-$10,500) and 0.9% ($10,500.01 and above). In addition, the minimum match fee for all transactions will remain at $19.99. These changes will not retroactively apply to bids placed before April 1, 2009, regardless of when those bids may match.

Once again, the guys who do all the work, pay ridiculous fees, and the middle-man eats most of the profits.

That site needs to have in bold letters on it's homepage that the driver is has to pay 12.9% of his earnings to uShip just to get a load! This is BS!

Yes, some brokers scam more than that, but legit load-boards are out there that cost much much less.

And that ###### show, Shipping Wars, must be a big commercial for uShip, cause they never even mention a ###### "Matching Fee", which is really just a brokerage fee.

This info, and this message needs to be at the top of the forums list. It needs to get out there before more truckers buy a truck to haul uShip stuff & end up having most of their planned profit-margins blown by deceit. uShip does not make it clear upfront what their fee is, and drivers need to know before it's too late.
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