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House vs Starter Battery

Please help out. My '08 X2 has two batteries (dedicated house and dedicated starting) connected to a Blue Sea Dual Plus battery selector switch (Part number 6011 - off/on/combine) as well as a BEP Marine VSR dual sensing voltage relay (part number 710-125A-DS) for automatic charging purposes. According to the Blue Sea spec sheet, the two batteries should be isolated when the selector switch is in the "on" position...meaning the house and starter batteries are both "live" while each is supplying power to their respective demands (starter vs house electronics). With the engine turned off and the key in the accessory position, my stereo shuts down when I disconnect the positive wire from the house battery battery, which makes sense. What I don't understand is this - why does the stereo shut down when I disconnect the positive wire from the starter battery? If the two batteries are isolated when the switch is in the "on" position, the stereo should be receiving power from the house battery even if the starter battery is disconnected....or am I missing something?
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